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Account Planning

Established in 2001, SONAR is known as the first truly independent strategic planning consultancy in Japan.
With its unique customer centric approach, SONAR has been the frontline for strategic and innovative brand evolution, working with many of the worlds largest companies, both here and abroad.
Our strict methodologies provide revealing consumer insights that we use strategically to generate transformational ideas that meet our client's business objectives.

Engagement Planning

Today it is vital for brands to create strong content that provokes dynamic discussion, encourages sharing and educates across all media environments, particularly digital and social.
Here at SONAR we are dedicated to providing the best in class content strategies and executing them seamlessly into the world of your clients and customers.

Infomatics Lab

In 2014 SONAR acquired e-Rad ID status (The Cross-ministerial Research and Development Management System ID) and was also appointed as joint research partner of NII (National Institute of Informatics Japan).
Our quest is to update the marketing funnel in scientific way, and install state-of-the-art AI technology to the challenging dynamic environment: sensing big-data, complex network behavior and reasoning from incomplete knowledge.


  • AGC - 2013~2014

    Create innovating affiliates right package with FIFA. Engagement planning and campaign direction for player benches.

    JAPAN PR Award grand prix 2014 Best Corporate Communication of the year.

  • CCJC Ayataka - 2015

    Planning campaign framework and engagement the brand endosers in Kyoto community.


    Extraction the root concepts for opening/closing ceremonies based on
    interview to the celebrities on Tokyo high/low culure

  • Elleair Attento - 2020~

    Social insights discovery and abduction a branding concept
    "2.5th person", design the campaign strategy.
    Awarded the ACC grand prix 2021, TCC best ad award 2021,
    Asahi ad award best vote by readers 2021

  • The Japan Bidding Committee for the FIFA World Cup - 1994~1995

    Overall consultation and coordination throughout the 'FIFA Inspection Visits'.
    Fully involved in concept development and supervision for all the presentations / materials given by the Japan Bidding Committee.

  • Honda - 1998~2001

    Planning and production of sponsored programs in both terrestrial and satellite for different target groups.
    Challenge was to enhance the brand experience through each program including MTV.

  • Kirin Beer Soccer Team Japan Sponsorship - 1998-2002

    The integrated campaign strategy planning and management, delivering an effective
    result on Engagement planning. Fully involved in production, strategic PR and rights
    management. The 'Kachi-T' promotion enjoyed the unprecedented number of
    applicants ever.

  • Sega Enterprises - 2000

    Strategic planning and supervision of the new branding concept development including new visual identity.
    Multichannel communication plans customized to execute the strategy in each medium leveraging on its characteristics.
    One of the pioneer works of directing to the website.
    TVC was awarded the Silver Prize at the Advertising Festival at Cannes in 2001.

  • Coca-Cola - 2001

    Developed the communication strategy and creative concept, 'No Reason'.

  • Parco - 2001

    Strategic planning and co-direction of the new campaign 'No More Image'.
    Overall management of the campaign in artistic message style.

    Awarded the Asahi Advertising Award in 2001.

  • JR Central – Express Yoyaku - 2002

    Development of service identity and the first in-cabin advertising based
    on target insights which is still in use.

  • Sony Music - 2002~

    Strategic planning and consultation on development of new Group visual identity.
    Creating the same experience as in a store, instead of just a memorable jingle, was the key insight for the target to actively listen a new music score.

    Still being aired.

  • CCJC FIFA World Cup 2002 Sponsorship - 2002

    Overall planning on the communication strategy.
    Direction on development and execution of the visual identity, 'RED BALL' including a specific program on how to maintain the total look in implementing it at all venues.

  • Diet Coca-Cola - 2001~2003

    Developed the communication strategy and creative concept based on the branding perspective.

  • Cartier Ginza II Boutique - 2003

    Overall management and execution of the opening party including creative direction of the 'jewels in the jewelry box' concept.

  • Champagne-PERRIER JOUET - 2004

    Branding consultation on development of the communication concept. Co-direction on the catalog development.

  • Champagne-MUMM - 2004

    Branding consultation for Japan market. Developed and co-directed the integrated communication. Managed magazine tie-in with F1 in Shanghai.

  • Toyota Corolla China - 2004

    Thorough analysis on Chinese target insight to develop the new brand concept 'Romantic'. Planning and management of integrated communication concept including creative work.

  • Yomiuri-Newspaper - 2004

    Developed and managed the communication concept at the time of the Athens Olympics. Planning and consultation of the creative execution using cross media - transit/ newspaper and Xerox copy, and also 'news clips in newspaper' tactics.

  • Les Comptoirs de la Tour D'Argent - 2005

    Planning and fully produce of new product 'Champagne Sorbet'.

  • SEIKO M - 2005~2008

    Brand concept and strategy development.
    Planning for creative direction of the visual identity and advertisement that embody the brand message.

  • SUNTORY IYEMON CHA - 2005~2013

    Engagement planning reinforced by a big idea of Tea party in Kyoto. Each and every activity and touch point built on the brand concept to give the experience that no other brand could provide. Brand consultation and planning for the new creative concept. Seasonality added to enhance the brand equity for a new product launch.

  • Fuji Television - 2008

    Strategic supervision for the promotional content F1 GRAND PRIX Toyota Team.

  • crocs + YAMAGAERI - 2009

    Strategic supervision and production of all the articles to ensure the brand experience delivered to those who were not at the event.

  • Fujitsu + nifty - 2010

    Overall consultation throughout the 'EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI'.
    Fully involved concept, story and screenplay for special website.

  • Agon - 2010

    Srategic supervision for the historical religeous ceremony 'One Peace Live'
    Fully involved in creative execution using crossmedia and development of VI.

  • Provision - 2011

    Branding consultation on development of the communication concept. Co-direction on the catalogue development. Brand concept and strategy development. Planning for creative direction of the visual identity and advertisement that embody the brand message.

  • crocs - crocs tone - 2011

    Created mashup contents collaborated with GROOVISIONS for Tokyo Marathon 2011.

  • Snakemanshow + WOWOW - 2011

    Engagement planning with SNS and operation.

  • PanAm + ImagicaBS - 2012

    Engagement planning and campaign direction through all medias e.g., magazine, SNS, hot-spot, and all contents.

    JAPAN Magazine Ad Award 2012 Best activities in service category

  • Kirin Tanrei Green Label - 2012

    Planning a rebranding concept "Serendipity" for TVCM

  • Automobile Inspection System 2013~2017

    Planning, produce and writing cross-media branded contents "AISHA-TANTEI"

  • International Conference of Inductive Logic Programming 2015

    Producing all the experiences for excursion as conference publicity chair.

  • A2Care - 2015

    Planning a branding concept "Share Care"
    and create a product symbo

  • Daihatsu - 2016

    Abduction a corporate branding concept "Light You Up"

  • IDOM Gulliver - 2019~

    Planning an inner branding concept "Zenryoku Shonen" and creative direction for Guinness Records
    winning TVCM,exective producing the cross-media branded experiences

  • Ginza Kuramakai - 2019~

    Performance as a accredited master of intanglible cultural
    property "KATOBUSHI", planning and producing online
    experiences by innovated high-resolution streaming systems.

  • Steelous Protocol - 2020~

    Total producing e-sports event at local city and design platform “STEELOUS”
    token system based on state-of-art blockchain technology